About Cannabis Business Today

Cannabis Business Today is owned and operated by CBT Media, and is based in Virginia.

We aspire to be one of the leading news and educational resources for cannabis businesses, as well as for businesses that serve the cannabis industry. In addition to writing about the people, businesses, and technology in cannabis, we also aim to connect people to the business resources they need to be successful.

Our publication focuses on the core pillars of the industry:

  • Growers and Cultivators
  • Labs and Processors
  • Distributors, and
  • Dispensaries

We also integrate other businesses, such as accounting, banking / financial, and legal services firms, technology providers, manufacturers, and the hospitality and tourism industries that cater to the cannabis consumer.

Today, there is no shortage of news and wire services. However, there is lack of combining news with business resources, forums for thought leaders and experts, education, and other essentials that can help cannabis businesses be more successful.

Therefore, Cannabis Business Today seeks to be a complementary resource for cannabis businesses in the United States and internationally. And as CBT Media continues to grow, our goal is to look at new ways we can provide a comprehensive array of resources, data, and educational courses that help business owners achieve their goals.

Our specific goals, the core to what the Cannabis Business Today website and company are about, are to provide:

  • The most recent news and information about cannabis businesses and the cannabis industry as it impacts business - produced by our writers, third-party contributors, and other sources.
  • Business resources, primers, guides, and content for cannabis business professionals in all areas to help them enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Education (online and in the classroom) from the cannabis community. Through Catoctin Education, every professional will be able to become a teacher as well as a student, so that knowledge and skill development can take place.
  • Company profiles to all cannabis businesses, as well as ancillary businesses that exist to support the industry or serve as strategic partners.
  • Sections for thought leaders to share their expertise on a wide range of topics relating to the cannabis business operations and the industry.
  • Connections to industry events, Webinars, and networking opportunities, so cannabis business professionals have ways to stay connected with and learn from other area professionals and experts.
  • Listings of jobs, mentors, apprenticeships and internships from across the community to allow people to advance in their careers, as well as to give companies access to the best talent.

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