Cannabis Industry News

Ohio to allow more medical marijuana dispensaries, letting them stay open longer, under latest proposal (Tom Knox, Columbus Business First)

How Silicon Valley is becoming the Wild West of weed (Lauren Hepler, Silicon Valley Business Journal)

Trump sends mixed message on marijuana, but pot industry pushes ahead (Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY)

Say What? A Republican Just Introduced a Bill to End the Federal Prohibition of Marijuana (Sean Williams, The Motley Fool)

Should West Virginia Legalize Marijuana - Medical or Otherwise? (Scott Finn, West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

Starting Up Nevada Retail Marijuana Industry to Cost $14 Million (KTVN)

Jeff Sessions Just Spoke Candidly About Marijuana (And You Won't Like What He Said) (Sean Williams, The Motley Fool)

After recalls, marijuana industry focuses on sharing test results (Solomon Israel, CBC News, Canada)

Guardian Data Systems brings solutions to cannabis industry – Washington News

SXSW: Business Professionals Meet To Discuss Cannabis Industry’s Future (Brendan Bures, The Fresh Toast)

What's It Like to Be a C-Suite Executive in the Cannabis Industry? (Ethan Andersen,

Medical marijuana fight heats up between advocates, lawmakers (Zac Anderson, Gainsville Sun)

No Way! A Profitable Marijuana Stock? (Sean Williams, The Motley Fool)

Questions of enforcement, zoning, fees, as Edmonton prepares for marijuana legalization (Julia Wong, Global News, Canada)

Legalizing marijuana gets attention of Connecticut lawmakers (Susan Haigh, Associated Press)

Israel's new marijuana bill: the most criminalizing decriminalization ever (Idan Eretz, Students for Liberty)

Marijuana Advocates to Hold Press Conference at Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston (US News)

If President Trump Wants Jobs, This Report Says He Should Leave Marijuana Alone (Keith Speights,

Why Trump Could Be Good For The Cannabis Industry (Debra Borchardt, Forbes)

Billings will continue to ban medical marijuana dispensaries (Mike Ferguson, Billings Gazette)

Oregon Will Soon Start Testing Age Compliance At Marijuana Stores (Kristian Foden-Vencil, KUOW)

Sonoma County Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Marijuana Business Tax (CBS San Francisco)

Concord, NH House Adds Medical Pot Qualifiers, Backs Decriminalization (AP)

Pa. isn't ready for recreational marijuana, governor says (WGAL)

Rhode Island Attorney General launches anti-recreational marijuana legalization campaign (The Cannabist)

Cryptic Warnings From the Trump Administration Shake Recreational Marijuana Industry (Entrepreneur)

Mass. High Court Hears Arguments On Medical Marijuana Firing (WBUR)

Synthetic pot, or "fake weed," much riskier than marijuana, study finds (Steven Reinberg, CBS)

Marijuana Bills Currently In Congress: How They Can Change The Game (Mike Adams, The Fresh Toast)

Trump Admin Not Concerned About Canadian Legal Marijuana (Tom Angell, MassRoots)

Jeff Session Admits He Can't Stop Marijuana Legalization (Sort Of) (Chris Roberts, High Times)

How Much Tax Revenue Do Legal Cannabis Sales Generate? (Javier Hasse, Leafy)

Oakland making it tough to open a pot business (Otis Taylor, San Francisco Chronicle)

Recreational Marijuana: 12,500 Marijuana Jobs In Oregon Generating $315 Million In Wages ($1.2 billion in economic activity related to marijuana industry, report finds.) (The Fresh Toast)

Lawmakers support creating task force to study impaired driving by marijuana users (Patrick McGreevy, LA Times)

U.S. marijuana jobs set to outpace manufacturing (Todd Walker, Fox News 4, Denver)

Virginia Congressman Tom Garrett introduces bill to decriminalize marijuana (Catherine Doss & Katie Brooke, WSET, Lynchburg, Virginia)

Sessions: "I’m not sure we’re going to be a better, healthier nation if we have marijuana sold at every corner grocery store" (Lydia Wheeler, The Hill, Infowars)

Trump's Marijuana Crackdown Could Cost Thousands of Jobs and Billions of Dollars (Francis Xavier, Unofficial Networks)

Support for Legalizing Marijuana Building in Texas, Poll Shows (Medical Marijuana Inc)

Aphria Invests Aggressively into the Cannabis Industry (Alan Brochstein, CFA, New Cannabis Ventures)

New AG Sessions: 'States...can pass the laws they choose' regarding legal marijuana (AP, The Denver Channel)

Sessions: DOJ will adopt ‘responsible policies’ on marijuana (Marijuana Business Daily)

Medical marijuana expansion moves ahead in Georgia House (Kristina Torres, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

D.C. marijuana advocates prep for fight with Congress, but not Donald Trump (Ryan M. McDermott, The Washington Times)

People in Latin America are starting to turn against outlawing marijuana (Christopher Woody, Business Insider)

Company sells $55 juice with a complimentary marijuana 'gift' -- And it's completely legal (Emily Rella, AOL.COM

Utah lawmakers are planning for exactly how they would legalize medical marijuana (Less Davidson, Salt Lake Tribune)

Rural Blog: Could medical marijuana be the solution to Appalachia’s opioid addiction epidemic? (KyForward)

Marijuana dispensaries take wait-and-see approach after crackdown talk (Troy Brynelson, The Columbian, Vancouver)

Maine lawmakers to hear from public on marijuana legalization (Kevin Miller, Portland Press Herald)

After 10 years, N.H. opposition to marijuana decriminalization fading away (Ella Nilsen, Concord Monitor)

In Virginia, It’s Baby Steps In The Fight To Change Marijuana Laws (Martin Austermuhle, WAMU)

State approves Hawaii’s first two medical marijuana dispensaries (KHON 2)

Bitcoin Ban in Marijuana Industry Considered By Washington State Senate (Joseph Young, Cointelegraph)

The Latest: Alaska nixes marijuana use at pot shops (Star Tribune)

Commercial Marijuana Growers Buying Up Space In Sacramento At Unprecedented Rate (Tony Lopez, CBS Sacramento)

Report shows less marijuana-related emergency room visits (Coloradoan)

Will Israel's next big export item be marijuana? (Arutz Sheva / Israel National News)

Arizona could be new testing ground for growing, producing hemp (Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, The Republic)

Poll shows increased public support for legalizing, regulating marijuana (Jared Pliner and Bill Tomison, WPRI 12)

Illinois Asks Trump to Let Banks Take Medical Marijuana Business (Entrepreneur)

Time for feds to allow marijuana banking (Frank Lane, The Hill)

Ohio seeks seed-to-sale system for medical cannabis program (Marijuana Business Daily)

Kansas lawmaker expected to propose legislation to legalize marijuana in Kansas (Angie Haflich, High Plains Public Radio)

Arizona’s Prop 205 Campaign Desperately Needs Donations and Volunteers (Dan Kingston, AZ Marijuana)

New Law Requires Colorado’s Marijuana Edibles to Have Special Labels (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

New Jersey Could Sell Marijuana Joints Like Cigarettes (Green Rush Daily)

Greenspoon Marder will host the first Cannabis Law and Business Conference & Expo in Florida (Marijuana Venture)

26 Oregon Recreational Marijuana Shops Get Approval to Open (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

New Brunswick college plans to launch marijuana cultivation course (Ethan Lou, Reuters)

Legal marijuana created 18,000 new jobs in Colorado last year (Hope Girl Blog)

Here Is Why These 3 Marijuana Stocks Haven't Even Started to Peak (William Romov, The Street)

Oregon's Recreational Marijuana Market Approaches Collapse (Christian Britschgi, Reason)

Aurora Cannabis Breaks Ground on Massive Facility (Daily Marijuana Investor)

California treasurer to study legal marijuana and banking (Sacramento Public Radio)

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Says He Used Marijuana For Back Pain (Huffingtonpost)

Company launching marijuana-infused Keurig coffee pods (Fox San Diego)

What Trump’s Cabinet Appointments Could Mean For Marijuana In America (Daily Caller)

Cannabis Culture Opens Two New Marijuana Dispensaries in Toronto (Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture)

Nevada leaders look to Oregon for insights on recreational marijuana (Chris Kudialis, Las Vegas Sun)

How Marijuana Affects Worker Rights, Workplace Safety (Bob Salsberg, Claims Journal)

Marijuana Industry Entrepreneurs Want Donald Trump To See Them As Job Creators (Julie Weed, Forbes)

Massachusetts Senate leader confirms parts of pot law may be delayed (Joshua Miller, Boston Globe)

Where will the start-up money come from to regulate Massachusetts' marijuana industry? (Shira Schoenberg, MassLive)

Denver officials detail next steps for implementing social marijuana measure (Jon Murray, The Denver Post)

Texas state senator to file ‘comprehensive’ medical marijuana bill (Ryan Osborne, Star Telegram)

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announces medical marijuana commission (David Ramsey, Arkansas Times)

Marijuana Bubble Worries Grow in Canada After Two-Year Rally (Jen Skerritt, Bloomberg)

Could California Beer Sales Slide With Legalized Marijuana? (Macy Jenkins, CBS Sacramento)

Chart: Latest California marijuana market data – $845M in annual sales, 2,756 dispensaries (Eli McVey, Marijuana Business Daily)

New Phoenix Billboard Slams Prop 205 Opponents’ “Reefer Madness” Ad Campaign (Dan Kingston, AZ Marijuana)

Moms talk about treating their children with medical marijuana and their concerns about Question 1 (Patricia Callahan, Bangor Daily News)

An Introduction to Cannabis Genetics, Part III (Dr. CJ Schwartz, Cannabis Industry Journal)

In shake-up, Denver’s marijuana policy director will take over Excise and Licenses department (Jon Murray, The Denver Post)

State policies will determine whether most Americans smoke marijuana (American Public Health Association)

Will Texas legalize marijuana? (KHOU)

The Future of Marijuana in California (Zach St. George, Pacific Standard Magazine)

Marijuana laced candy found inside child’s Halloween bag (Jesyka Dereta, WQAD)

Workplace marijuana bans weigh into use decisions, Yale study finds (Aldo Svaldi, The Denver Post)

Medical marijuana growers finding it pricey to legally obtain seeds (Mike Hager, The Global and Mail)

Rhode Island governor watches Massachusetts marijuana ballot (AP)

Marijuana Legalization Could Get a Boost in a Democratic Senate (Stephanie Akin, Roll Call)

Fees, fines and regulations: A guide to the Massachusetts marijuana ballot question (Shira Schoenberg, Mass Live)

Report Finds Marijuana Can Stop Opioid Epidemic (Brian McCaw, Money Inc)

Push For Local Marijuana Bans Is Already Happening In California (Johnny Green, Weed News)

What States Can Learn From Colorado’s Marijuana Regulations (Jackie Fortier, KUNC)

Legal marijuana could raise federal cash — but not right away, PBO says (Catherine Cullen, CBC News, Canada)

Some Colorado pols paint dark picture for legal weed (Noelle Phillips, The Denver Post)

The Big Winner on November 8 Could Be… Marijuana (Herb Weisbaum, NBC News)

Fact Check: Would Prop. 205 regulate 'marijuana accessories' in smoke shops? (Kelcie T Grega, AZ Central)

Ohio medical marijuana grow licenses would be capped at 18, cost $200,000 (Jackie Borchardt,

Maine agriculture chief opposes legalizing marijuana (AP, Portland Press Herald)

Pot startups flying high with California poised to legalize marijuana (Marisa Kendall, The Mercury News)

Denver ballot measure aims to curb possible loss of marijuana tourists (Bart Schaneman, Marijuana Business Daily)

Got bank? Election could create flood of marijuana cash with no place to go (Raw Story)

How legalized marijuana could impact real estate in Arizona (12News Arizona)

Big money at stake: Marijuana legalization movement seeks first foothold in Northeast (Bob Salsberg, The Associated Press, Boston)

The Marijuana Tech Industry Prepares for High Times (Marijuana Stocks)

Florida voters decide if medical marijuana treatment should expand (Mike Fynch, Daytona Beach News Journal)

Map: Here's where Floridians voted 'yes' on medical marijuana in 2014 (Miami Herald)

Powerful Virginia Senate leader: It's time to look at marijuana decriminalization (Eric Hartley, The Virginian-Pilot)

What Happens Next If Marijuana Ballot Question Passes (Ryan Kath, CBS Boston)

Gov. Hutchinson counts regulatory costs of marijuana amendment (Steve Brawner, Talk Business and Politics)

Billionaire activists like Sean Parker and George Soros are fueling the campaign to legalize pot (Patrick McGreevy, LA Times)

Maryland medical marijuana licensing faces another lawsuit (Marijuana Business Daily)

It's Black And White: The Social Justice Case For Legalizing Marijuana (Carol Rose, WBUR)

First Retail Marijuana Store Opens in Alaska (Marijuana Policy Project)

Baker, Walsh continue campaign against legal marijuana in Massachusetts (WHDH)

Arizona Will Vote on Legalizing Marijuana With Proposition 205 (Daniel Oberhaus, Motherboard)

How does recreational marijuana affect tourism? (KTNV, Las Vegas)

Ohio committee begins outlining medical marijuana laws (WHIO)

Report: Marijuana sales to quadruple after election (Tim Devaney, The Hill)

This cannabis firm is the third to sue Maryland medical marijuana regulators (Fenit Nirappil, The Washington Post)

Could Virginia lawmakers actually warm up to marijuana? (Gregory S. Schneider, The Washington Post)

ESPN's NFL player poll about marijuana had some surprising results (Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports)

11 successful tech execs who left Silicon Valley to disrupt the marijuana industry (Melia Robinson, Business Insider)

Feds drop effort to shut down Berkeley marijuana dispensary (Michael Bodley, SF Gate)

Colorado Budget Calls for Marijuana Taxes to Benefit Homeless (Merry

Military Weighs Mellower Marijuana Restrictions For Recruits (CBS Philadelphia)

Which States Will Legalize Marijuana Next? Texas And Virginia Consider Decriminalizing Pot (Janice Williams, International Business Times)

Marijuana sales surge in Washington (AP, The Spokesman Review)

Weed Is Legal In Eight States. Here's What You Need To Know Before Lighting Up (Benjamin Goggin, Digg)

California marijuana legalization comes with legal reprieves (Lisa Krieger, The Mercury News)

Colorado's Marijuana Industry Is an Economic Powerhouse (Entrepreneur Magazine)

Weed is winning, but will the marijuana train go off the tracks? (CBS News)

Marijuana is becoming a billion-dollar business in Canada. Now all it has to do is become legal (William Marsdan, The Washington Post)

Florida Voters Give Thumbs Up to Medical Marijuana, Approve Amendment 2 (Medical Marijuana Inc)

Federal Marijuana Enforcement Policy in the Trump Administration (Michael Dorf, Dorf On Law)

The Next Attorney General Is Coming for Your Weed (Jack Holmes, Esquire)

Why this Marijuana Stock Was a Top Stock So Far in 2016 (Motley Fool Staff)

Maryland medical marijuana panel will hire diversity consultant (Erin Cox, Baltimore Sun)

Vancouver dispensaries wait for Ottawa's marijuana regulations with cautious optimism (Travis Lupick, The Georgia Straight)

Donald Trump adds another marijuana opponent to his Cabinet (Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post)

Trump Faces Pressure From Within GOP to Protect and Foster Marijuana Reform (420 Intel)

Report: Canada’s MJ legalization could be ‘game changer’ (Marijuana Business Daily)

Central Ohio Voters Decriminalize Marijuana Possession in Several Cities (Medical Marijuana Inc)

The legal marijuana middle ground - States are the laboratories of democracy, so let them experiment. (Beau Kilmer, USA Today)

On His Way Out the Door, Obama Suggests Marijuana Should Be Legal (Jacob Sullum, Reason)

3 Things To Know About Running A Multi-State Legal Marijuana Business (Chris Morran, Consumerist)

Californians vote to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state (Patrick McGreevy, LA Times)

Americans overwhelmingly said yes to marijuana on Election Day (Jeremy Berke and Melia Robinson, Business Insider)

California just legalized marijuana, and it's going to have a huge impact on the economy (Ben Gilbert, Business Insider)

An $8 billion night: 7 states legalize medical, recreational cannabis in historic election (Marijuana Business Daily)

In a first for Latin America, Uruguay rolls out program legalizing marijuana (Vincent Bevins, LA Times)

Will Team Trump bust the marijuana business? (Jonathan Berr, MSN)


Support for marijuana legalization continues to rise (Abigail Geiger, PEW Research)

Marijuana opponents missing big picture in argument about black market(Las Vegas Sun Editorial)

Nearly 80 Percent of Floridians Support Legal Medical Marijuana (Tim Elfrink, Miami New Times)

Colorado Marijuana Found Throughout Kansas (Cannabis Business Times)

Florida voters set to legalize medical marijuana: survey (Miami AFP)

Opposition to Legal Marijuana Holds Narrow Lead, Poll Says (Arizona Public Media)

Maine marijuana referendum campaign intensifies, new pro-pot TV ads launch (Patrick Whittle, The Associated Press – Appears in The Cannabist)

United by pot, divided by policy: How Maine’s pro-marijuana forces disagree (Michael Shepherd, Bangor Daily News)

Arizona effort to defeat legalized marijuana gets more cash (Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services, Tucson, AZ)

2 Bend, Oregon marijuana retailers licensed (Bend Bulletin Staff)

Cultivator Aurora Cannabis raises 25M Canadian dollars (Marijuana Business Daily)

Marijuana businesses push back on Oregon’s testing rules, ask for delay (Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian)

The Results Are In: Arizona Awards 31 Medical Marijuana Licenses (Gage Peake, Leafy)

Study Finds Marijuana May Increase Amount of Time Seniors Are In The Workforce (Blake Taylor, Merry Jane)

Anti-Marijuana Propaganda: The Devil’s in the Details (Abby Hutmacher, Colorado Pot Guide)

Latest Polls For Marijuana Legalization – State Ballots (Michael Hackmer, Social Web Tactics)

Pets on Pot: The Newest Customer Base for Medical Marijuana (Luara Holson, New York Times)

14 States That May Never Legalize Marijuana (Sean Williams, The Motley Fool)

Marijuana Dispensaries Eye Salisbury Locations (Angel Jean Chiaramida, Newburyport News)

Hooked on the Road: Lobbying for Cannabis in California (Cannabis Now)

The Utah Association For Responsible Cannabis Legislation To Host Summit: ‘Medical Cannabis: The Science. The Truth.’ In Salt Lake City (Natalya Upshur, Weedia Buzz)

Recreational marijuana could fund kindergarten in Ariz. (Heather Moore, AZ Family)

State law establishes medical marijuana dispensary regulations (Mark Cavitt, The Oakland Press – Michigan)

Pro-Cannabis NFL Group Funding and Participating in THC Oil Study (TG Branfalt, Ganjapreneur)

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan appoints new marijuana regulator (Fenit Nirappil and Aaron Gregg, The Washington Post)

ACLU Report: Racial Disparity In Marijuana Arrests Grew After Decriminalization (Craig LeMoult, WGBH / PBS / Boston)

Temple University Launches A Marijuana Policy Class (Power99)

Somerville to allow permit applications for four medical marijuana dispensaries (The Somerville Times, Somerville, Mass)

South African Study Finds CBD an Effective Cervical Cancer Treatment (TG Branfalt, Ganjapreneur)

California hemp soap company Dr. Bronner’s pours $100K into Arizona pro-marijuana campaign (Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, Arizona Republic)

Cops Raid 81-year-old Woman’s Garden for One Marijuana Plant (Monique Judge, The Root)

Push to legalize marijuana lights up debate (Richard Allyn, CBS 8, San Diego)

Studies Show Medical Marijuana Is Improving Baby Boomers’ Lives (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

Marijuana Bloom Phase Hacks for Faster Finishing Bigger Harvests (James Hathaway, Big Buds Magazine)

Q+A: Marine explains why he’s advocating for marijuana legalization (Ric Anderson, Las Vegas Sun)

Unalaska voters overturn commercial marijuana ban (Laurel Andrews, Alaska Marijuana News)

Protecting Your Marijuana Grow Room From Narks, Police, Rippers (Nigel Salazar, Big Buds Magazine)

New Leader of United Nations Could Influence Worldwide Drug Decriminalization (Mike Adams, High Times)

Could Maryland pause the medical marijuana program until racial issues are resolved? (None of the 15 growing licenses awarded by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission this summer went to companies led by African-Americans) (Ovetta Wiggins, The Washington Post – Article is linked to The Cannabist)

How weed destroys teenagers’ minds: The earlier you try marijuana, the lower your IQ, study claims (Mia de Graff, The Daily Mail – UK)

Cops Seize $6.1 Million of Marijuana (Raul Duke, The 420 Times)

Experts debate merits, downfalls of marijuana legalization at panel (Shelby Ashline, The Recorder – Greenfield, Mass)

Cultivators To Network At CannaGrow Expo (CannaMagazine)

Oregon October 1st Compliance Deadline: What You Need to Know (Aaron G. Biros, Cannabis Industry Journal)

Legalization Initiatives Leading Polls in All States Where It’s on the Ballot (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

Marijuana Dabs Revolution: Using Pure THCA, CBD, Terpenoids (Steve Davis, Big Buds Magazine)

Seeking Alpha’s 7 Most Followed Marijuana Stocks – Seasonal And Long-Term Considerations, As November Elections And Decriminalization Ballot Measures Approach (Anthony Cataldo, Seeking Alpha)

San Diego Launches Campaign to Hinder Illegal Dispensaries (Marijuana Industry News)

Alaska May Soon Start Selling Weed (Thor Benson, The 420 Times)

Cannabist Show: She leads marijuana job training; She covers California cannabis (The Cannabist)

NFL Bans Synthetic Marijuana (Mike Hughes, High Times)

Illinois Marijuana Sales Top $20M Since Program Began (AP, Springfield, IL)

Poll: A Pro-Marijuana Stance Would Greatly Increase Candidates’ Votes (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

Welcome to peak pumpkin spice: Pumpkin spice (marijuana) edibles are here (Alex Orlov, Food.MIC)

Colorado Rule Changes Increase Costs for Edibles Producers (Aaron G. Biros, Cannabis Industry Journal)

Chart: Latest California marijuana market data – $845M in annual sales, 2,756 dispensaries (Eli McVey, Marijuana Business Daily)

New Phoenix Billboard Slams Prop 205 Opponents’ “Reefer Madness” Ad Campaign (Dan Kingston, AZ Marijuana)

Arizona’s Prop 205 Campaign Desperately Needs Donations and Volunteers (Dan Kingston, AZ Marijuana)

New Law Requires Colorado’s Marijuana Edibles to Have Special Labels (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

New Jersey Could Sell Marijuana Joints Like Cigarettes (Green Rush Daily)

Greenspoon Marder will host the first Cannabis Law and Business Conference & Expo in Florida (Marijuana Venture)

26 Oregon Recreational Marijuana Shops Get Approval to Open (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

New Brunswick college plans to launch marijuana cultivation course (Ethan Lou, Reuters)

Moms talk about treating their children with medical marijuana and their concerns about Question 1 (Patricia Callahan, Bangor Daily News)

An Introduction to Cannabis Genetics, Part III (Dr. CJ Schwartz, Cannabis Industry Journal)

What Else is the Size of California’s Cannabis Market (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

Former TV Reporter and Marijuana Advocate Faces Decades in Prison (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

$1.5 million of marijuana found in shipment of cucumbers (Peninsula Packaging Website)

Marijuana Bloom Phase Hacks for More Highs From the Same Plants (Greg Nall, Big Buds Magazine)

Bayer/Monsanto Merger and a Potential Future for Cannabis Farming (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

Canadian Banks Hesitant to Deal with Cannabis Industry (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

Matt Simon: Vermont Voters Will Determine Future of Marijuana Policy (Matt Simon, VT Digger)

New regulation in place for marijuana edibles (Carly Moore, KKCO - NBC11 Colorado)

Canadian Prime Minister Has Simple, Intelligent Argument for Marijuana Legalization (Sarah Parfitt, AZ Marijuana)

New Frontier’s John Kagia Talks Data with PBS (Studio SoCal) (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

Fentanyl Pharmaceutical Company Tries to Squash Arizona Marijuana Legalization (J. Howard, Big Buds Magazine)

The Los Angeles Times Is Confused About High Driving (Thor Benson, The 420 Times)

When will marijuana stores open in Alaska? (Laurel Andrews, Alaska Marijuana News)

Florida Marijuana Legalization Isn’t Legalization At All (Miami Marijuana Grower, Big Buds Magazine)

Alaska’s first commercial cannabis harvest begins (CannaMagazine)

California Poised to Make Huge Advances in Market Expansion and Regulation (Chuck Epstein, Cannabis Industry Journal)

Victory for Legalization in California is Looking Good (Raul Duke, The 420 Times)

State Sales in 2020 if Adult Use Passes (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

Do Religious People Support Legalizing Marijuana? (Thor Benson, The 420 Times)

Colorado Is Happy With Recreational Pot (Raul Duke, The 420 Times)

NEW REPORT: Key State Ballot Initiatives Could Inject $7.8 Billion into the Marijuana Market by 2020 (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

CannaFo.Com Revolutionizes Buying Marijuana With Pre-Order Option (Natalya Upshurd, Weedia Buzz)

Cannabis Cultivation in the Netherlands Could Be Legalized Soon (CannaMagazine)

Steeply Falling Prices Cause Sales to Soar in Washington (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

Higher Indoor CO2 Levels: Good for Growing Cannabis, Bad for Human Cognition (New Frontier, CannaBits Blog)

Exploring Colorado’s cannabis tourism scene in Denver (CannaMagazine)

Pennsylvania Can Do More to End Marijuana Arrests, Gov. Tom Wolf Says (Marc Levy, NBC 10 Philadelphia)

Helena marijuana dispensaries quietly close doors (James DeHaven, Independent Record)

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CannaClip: 2016 Nevada Legal Cannabis Market State Profile (New Frontier)

CannaClip: 2016 Nevada Legal Cannabis Market State Profile (New Frontier)

CannaClip: 2016 Nevada Legal Cannabis Market State Profile (New Frontier)

CannaClip: 2016 Nevada Legal Cannabis Market State Profile (New Frontier)